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Due to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses worldwide have had to find new ways to adapt and combat the spread of the virus.

Sign-Art Indy understands that it's important to communicate life-saving information to the public during this Global Pandemic, and would like to work with you business by creating informative, eye-catching signage.

Custom Floor Graphics

Custom Floor Graphics can aid a patron in distancing themselves from others, direct the flow of Traffic, and be an alert to potential hazards.

Floor Sign.png

Open for Business

Signs and Banners 

Notify you Patrons of the changes in your operations, services, and updated hours with signs as well as banners placed around your place of Business.

OFB Banner.jpg

Standing Floor Signs

Let Patrons and Customers know what areas are safe for them to be in. Direct them towards appropriate entrances, pick-up locations, and safe disinfecting stations

Protective Safety Screens


Protect you and your patrons from spread the spread of germs and other substances. Keep a safe distance between each other while still offering the services your business provides.

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