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Finance your Sign

New signs can be a big investment for any business. In certain cases, large-scale signs and projects can be more than a company can take on at one  at once. That’s why Sign-Art Indy has partnered with Hage Financial to set up payment plans. Hage is a trusted name in hospitality finance with a keen knowledge of industry and reputation for integrity and success. 

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  • 0% Interest on Payments

  • Complete Ownership of sign from start

  • Financing offers Tax Benefits

  • Preserves line of Credit for future 

Why Finance your Sign with Hage?

  • Will not affect Personal Credit

  • Applications up to $150,000

  • Covers not only signs, but lighting, textiles, and other types of property

Financing requires a minimum of two years as a registered business

Applicants will need their last 3 months of bank statements

A Covid-19 Questionnaire will need to be completed

Payment plans are typically 48 to 60 month terms 

Contact Hank Beyer for any more questions you have about financing your next sign and how we can help you with your next project!

Hank Beyer VP

Hage Financial

(772) 742 - 8160

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