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Pylon and

Monument Signs

Pylon signs (also known as pole signs) are outdoor signs that are mounted to a pole or freestanding structure that is generally taller than 10'. These free standing signs are usually best in places like shopping centers or individual businesses. Many times these signs are illuminated. Our sign structures are built to your company's needs and design. Therefore these illuminated signs can also identify several businesses on the same sign.They can incorporate channel letters, a plastic sign face, or even a full color LED message display. LED message centers can be used to convey special events to customers or even show color photos of product.

Need a Pylon Sign?

Trust Sign Art for top-quality, cost-effective sign construction. Our Indianapolis-based sign company has been helping the businesses of Indiana and across the Midwest with recognizable brand identities. We're excited to work with you. If you're looking for a premium signage, fabrication, and installation service, please fill out the FREE, no-obligation quote.

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