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SIGN ART-We'll Put You On The Map

Sign Service

Every sign needs maintenance, whether it's seasonal cleaning or a light repair. Sign Art's technicians are experts in all things signage! Click below for a free quote/service request. After our team inspects the sign, we will put together a plan. Once we have a plan, we will  communicate with you to discuss ideas and make sure we are meeting all of your needs. 

Whether your sign needs a face lift or a LED conversion - Sign Art does it all. Sometimes older signs just need a little TLC. Working with our experienced sign professionals, we will communicate all options and find a solution. 

Sears Sign Conversion Example-Before
Sears Sign Conversion Example-After
Sign Art Indy Truck Image.jpg

Corporate Installation

Sign Art is partnered with large corporate companies to ensure a smooth installation. Sign Art is a hands on family owned business that oversees every project start - finish. We are accustomed to an open line of communication with our partners. Communication is the most efficient way to document, service, and lead every project. 

Experienced in all types of outdoor sign installation and indoor sign installation, you can rely on Sign Art for expert and affordable sign installation services.

Aldis Sign Installation
Aldis Sign Installation-2

Area Roll Outs

Sign Art is family owned and operated in Indiana. We will work with you through the process of rolling out major brand locations through out the Midwest. When you hire Sign Art, we will keep you informed every step of the way. 

Our work is dependable, you can always count on us to make sure that your area roll out is consistent at all locations.  Call Sign Art to help with major branding roll outs! 

Corportate Install Star Bank
Corportate Install-Custom Interior Graphics
Sign Art Indy Truck Image.jpg

On-Site Surveying

Sign Art is a full service sign company! Before each sign project we personally survey and inspect the job site. We understand community restrictions as well as client needs.

 With every install we are documenting our steps - we find the best way to communicate results from a survey is through photographs. This also gives each client a base to start making decisions about their signage. Sign Art is here every step of the way.

Directional Sign Sample
surveyer-Onsite sample.png


Sign Art is a full service sign company! During each sign project we personally survey and inspect the job site. We understand industry standards as well as client needs.

Sign Art's lighting professionals can assist you with putting together a lighting plan. We care about the safety of your customers and employees. Parking lot lighting can make a huge difference in your business. 

Trust us to repair current lighting, or create a new plan! 

Lighting Custom Plans
LED Lighting
Sign Art Indy Truck Image.jpg

Wholesale Installation

Sign Art is available to partner with sign companies nationwide to aide them in their installation. If a job is short on labor or is too far away to install, we pick up where you might need help. 

Our team is always ready to collaborate with other businesses to create the best possible sign installation experience! We specialize in a variety of sign installs, and we're always open to work with new and exciting types of cutting-edge signage.

Professional Installation
Crane Certified for any Project

Permits & Variances

Sign Art is a full service sign company for the Midwest region! This includes all permitting and variance needs for your sign. 

Sign Art takes care of the permitting for you to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the whole process! 

Proper Sign Documents, Lighting Paperwork
Permits, City State Signage
Sign Art Indy Truck Image.jpg

Crane Lifts/ AC Lifts

At Sign-Art Indy, we work with you to make your crane project run smooth. We focus on your success, safety and satisfaction with our service at every phase. Sign-Art Indy provides experienced professionals for all your heavy lifting needs.


We have the heavy equipment and experienced technicians to safely navigate the most critical lifts within almost any confines. Call today for your FREE quote.

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